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Palestinians are used to Americans and Europeans having a say in the Human Rights situation in Palestine.

Palestinians, however, have acquired a deep knowledge, both practically and theoretically, of Human Rights, and the lack of them. This puts them in a special position to apply this knowledge to judge adherence to Human Rights in other parts of the world, notably the United States of America.

Human Rights abuses in the US of A, as seen by Palestinians, include:

The programmed ‘political ignorizing’ process of the majority of Americans, conducted by the ruling elites and their media servants. The rest of humanity pays a price because of political ignorance among Americans. Thomas Jefferson is reported to have said: ‘Information is the currency of democracy.‘

Good education is reserved for the minority, while the average scores of American students in Mathematics and science, for instance, are way down by international standards and comparisons.

The US tops most other societies in having the longest working hours and shortest holidays, with all the detrimental effects on family and intellectual life.

The US has one of the highest percentages of prisoners convicted to death, while reports talk of irregularities in their judicial proceedings and even innocence among them.

Americans abuse the planet, by being the worst polluters and the least ready to admit it or sign relevant international treaties. Other international treaties that Americans refuse to adhere to include: anti-personnel mines and bombs, international criminal court, chemical and biological weapons, and so on.

The US has attacked unilaterally other countries, and ignored international law by trying to convert the international body into the United Nations of America.

The US corrupts the rest of the world, and its own society, with violence, ignorant, superficial, and criminal ‘culture’ through various media.

Absolute support by the US of another country which has consistently invaded another people, killed them, stole their land and property as well as culture, destroyed their society and caused more than half of them to become refugees even in their own country, and completely ignores international and human rights laws.

If we have missed other things, or got them wrong, please add or comment.

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