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That depends on where you live, and what documents you have!

By Ghassan Abdullah
Identity Documents
Laws that apply
In Israel
- Blue Israeli ID
Druze, Bedouin, Moslem, Christian…
- Israeli Passport
Permanent residence but outside areas of “The Jewish National Fund”, i.e. 94% of “Israel”
- “Legal” equality with Jewish Israelis.
- “Present Absentees” in unrecognized villages.
- No legal restrictions.
- Yellow-plate cars
East Jerusalem
Considered 'non-Jews’
- Blue ID
- Jordanian Travel Document
Temporary residence to be renewed every 3 years, revocable if Jerusalem not “center of life”
- Mixed: Israeli laws and Military Orders
- No legal restrictions in Israel.
Yellow-plate cars.
- Some restrictions in West Bank
- Green Israeli-issued ID, (Israel controls the Palestinian Population Register), classified: Moslem, Christian…
- Palestinian Travel Document (passport)
Long-term residence
- Israeli Military Orders
- Mandate and Egyptian Laws
- 'Hamas Government laws’
Israeli control of access through crossings, with special permits.
Egyptian and Quartet control through Rafah crossing into Egypt.
Green-plate cars.
West Bank
- Green Israeli-issued ID, (Israel controls the Palestinian Population Register), classified: Moslem, Christian…
- Palestinia
1 . Ghassan Fawzi/ US/Palestine/ correction/proposal

Thank you. Here is one correction and proposed adjustments. Othe proposal might come later as a way of supporting the original work and idea. Thanks again. - Blue Israeli ID Nationality: defined and enforced by the state as either Arab or Druze.[Druze denied the choice Arab] Political official classification:Molems, Christian Bedouin, Druze. - Israeli Passport -- Passport and travel can be denied or restricted.

2 . Eddie/ Israel/ Biased information

Permanent residence in 100% of Israel.Only Jews can buy land from Jewish National National Fund.Passport and travel restricted by courts as for other with criminal record

. Azia/jVrDFlUdPK/eHKHkAXH

What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way.

3 . Stateless/ Egypt/ What about children of mixed marriages?

A child of a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother, born and bred in Egypt, is not given the Egyptian nationality, and is considered an alien. The problems we have are endless...

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